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Meet our Team

Cake or Pie?

Can I choose both! Just kidding - I am a cake kinda girl, my favorite is carrot cake, without a doubt. 

What's in your Netflix qeue?

Well, I am fully addicted to The Queen, The Office and Breaking Bad. They are always on stand-by. 

But I don't get to spend too much time watching TV, between the salon, and my family, it's always


I'll never be seen without...?

A little bit of makeup! There is no way I am subjecting the general population to me without some makeup on. Messy hair, no problem, frumpy clothes, all day, but makeup-less, Never! 

If you could live in any sitcom home, which and why?

I'd have to say the home from Full House. I think it was like the epitome of a big, overcrowded house full of people that love each other, and I grew up watching that show every Friday with my brothers and sister.  

What is your specialty?

I'd be lying if I said anything other then HAIR! And color, I feel like I was born to be in this business and I feel blessed to come to work with such fine ladies every day. 

Meagan Stevans
Megan - The Artist
Nail Technician

Do you have a favorite family tradition?

Each year, my family has a Christmas Eve Breakfast, and it is so much fun. The food is always great 

and family and friends come in their pjs and we have the best time, every year. 

What is your specialtyl?

Nails! And I love it. I get some much happiness helping people pick colors and designs and it is 

so much fun when clients want to get creative with their look.  

Do you count your steps while you walk?

Please, I have too much to do to count steps. We are too busy here at Blown Away and I am too busy at home to worry how many steps I've taken. All I know is it is too many.  

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Easy, I really love butter pecan ice cream, which may make me seem like an old lady, but it is so good. I can even tell you where to get the best butter pecan in the world. In Weaverville, North Carolina is a small restaurant called Blue Mountain Pizza, they make the best ice cream I've ever eaten. 

What product would you like to be the spokesperson for?

I'd kill to be the spokesperson for Cadillac. Random, I know, but I would like to do car commercials like Matthew McConaughey, where it is just me cruising around, with some peace and quiet for once, plus free cars. That's always a plus. 

Shawna Greer
Shawna - The Master
Sky - The Talker
Nail Technician 
Sky Knowles

What is your specialty?

With five years of experience, I can confidently say that I specialize in acrylic nail art and gel.

I love it!

What is your favorite smell?

I was born in Miami, Florida, and I love the smell of the ocean, but a close second is the fragrance

of a gardenia bush. You combine those two and it can't be beat. 

Do you have a favorite family tradition?

I love my family's big Sunday family dinners! There is so much good food, and our whole loud, crazy family, it is the best. 

Favorite ice cream flavor?

I know this isn't wildly popular, and I may be part of a tiny minority of people on earth that like it, but coffee ice cream is my favorite. I haven't always liked it, but I think with a husband and three sons, I learned to love it, since I know no one else would want to eat it. 

What product would you like to be the spokesperson for?

I'd kill to be the spokesperson for Louboutin or Jimmy Choo shoes. Actually, I'd gladly serve as spokesperson for any designer shoe company, I just really love shoes!

Stephanie - The Perfectionist
Cosmetologist & Nail Technician  

What is your specialty?

I specialize in curly hair, extensions, natural hair coloring and nail work

What product would you like to be the spokesperson for?

I would love to be the spokesperson for a beauty company that promotes less chemicals in beauty


What is the best piece of advice  you have ever received?

Don't compare yourself to others, just be the best person you can be each and every day. If that is not good enough for the people around you, that is their problem, not yours. 

What is your hidden talent?

I make bath and body products in my spare time, soaps, lotions, salves with all natural ingredients. 


What is your biggest pet peeve?

Easy, it is being unorganized. When someone loses something and start digging around like a crazy person trying to find it, I can't take it! 

Stephanie Towsend
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